I'm Trying to Reserve a Space and it Says it's Closed

If the space hasn't opened yet for the day, it will display as 'closed' on the Deskpass app. Of course, as a member, you can still make a reservation for that day and arrive once the space is open.

Another example might be if you are reserving a space the night before (say, it is Monday night and you are reserving for Tuesday). In this case, the space's profile will display as 'closed.' This is because the space has already closed for the day. You will still be able to access the coworking space in the morning during their normal business hours.

Although most spaces are open all week, there may be a few spaces that have closed off days during the week and this may be for a variety of reasons:

  • Special event that day
  • Staffing issues or changes that day
  • Renovations or improvements occurring on-site

Also, in some cases, a space may be full and not have any seats available for drop-in coworking on certain days.

When a space is full, we do our best to ask them if there are any alternative arrangements such as closing off only their most busy days and having 1 or 2 days open still for drop-in coworking (for ex: Thursdays and Fridays which are typically less busy days for spaces). Many times, this will allow the space to remain on the Deskpass network, and for our members to still get access to a space that may be full on other days of the week.

credit: Facebook/Centrl Office

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