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How it works

Create Your Listing

Create Your Listing

It’s free to be featured on Deskpass! Just answer a few questions about your space, choose your availability, upload photos, and input pricing.

Receive Bookings

Receive Bookings

When members reserve your space, you receive an automatic confirmation email with the member’s name, email address, photo, and date of reservation.

Earn Income

Earn Income

Let Deskpass do all the work to find remote workers in your area and send them your way. Then, we’ll automatically transfer your earnings - no additional work required!

Why use Deskpass?

An empty coworking space
A user has checked in
A user has checked in
A user has checked in
A user has checked in

Grow Your Business

We bring qualified customer leads right to your door. Deskpass builds awareness of your brand, expands your marketing reach, and puts extra money in your pocket.

An happy coworker
Space amenity
Space amenity
Space amenity

Ease and Efficiency

After the initial setup there is no added work on your team. The Deskpass app informs the member about your space prior to arrival, and important information such as access instructions and WiFi is only provided to the member once they arrive and check in.

An happy coworker
Space amenity
Space amenity
Space amenity

Customization and Control

You’ll always have control over your listing and can make adjustments at any time right in your Deskpass Dashboard. Change your daily availability, set cap limits, choose amenities offered, input blackout dates and more.

More Reasons to Love Deskpass

Office & Meeting Room Rentals

Lots of companies use Deskpass to find and reserve their private offices and meeting spaces.

Get Featured

Our media team is continually featuring our partner spaces on our blog and social media.

Partner Perks

From cleaning supplies to on-site signage, Deskpass is always on the lookout for great benefits to pass along to our partner spaces.

Easy Reporting

Review your earnings and retrieve customer lead information at any time, right in your dashboard.

Cancel Anytime

There are no commitments, and no subscription fees. You can remove your space from the network at any time if needed.

We’ve partnered with some of the best companies in the world to provide unparalleled demand and access to large corporate teams and groups.

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Covid-19 Safety

We take safety seriously

Our Safety Program allows you to display your health and safety practices and any special requirements so Deskpass members are fully-informed prior to booking your space, and can adhere to your policies while on-site.

We’re gaining access to new prospective clients by allowing Deskpass clients to test drive our product. We love having busy, vibrant coworking lounges and Deskpass clients bring great energy.

Deskpass has positively impacted our operations by bringing in a variety of potential members to try out our space, see the value we offer to our members and then have them convert to our platform.

We’ve liked the brand awareness, busy-ness from typically repeat visitors, and incremental revenue increase.

We have experienced an increase in memberships, as well as, overall brand awareness. Using Deskpass is a great way to get people in the door and have them experience first hand how great our space is.

Deskpass has increased the amount of regular foot traffic coming into our spaces. It’s a great way for hybrid team clients looking to try out our spaces and experience the atmosphere for themselves. We’ve had prospects walk in, have great experiences in our spaces and then convert into members. We’ve seen an increase in both short and long-term business with more brand exposure through the platform. We’ve reached hidden markets and niche targets that we couldn’t have without Deskpass.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add my space?

Setting up your space on Deskpass takes less than 10 minutes and is done online. Once completed, you'll always have the ability to update your listing at any time. To get started, apply to become a Deskpass space here.

What are the requirements?

In general, Deskpass looks for the following when evaluating potential workspaces and meeting rooms:

  • Fast, reliable WiFi
  • A professional, comfortable environment
  • Commercial-grade professional furniture with nearby outlets
  • Designated areas for phone calls and meetings
  • Productivity-focused amenities such as whiteboards, display technology, office supplies, etc.
  • A manager on-site, or easily available, to provide assistance and answer questions if needed
  • Coffee, tea, filtered water, and basic kitchen amenities
  • Restrooms

How does it work?

Deskpass members browse through our app and book your space based on the listing you created. When members reserve your space, you receive an automatic confirmation email with the member’s name, email address, photo, and date of reservation.

Then, we’ll automatically pay you for accommodating their coworking visit, or rental of your private spaces - no additional work required.

You always have complete control over your listing including photos, operating hours, blackout dates, and amenities offered to Deskpass members.

Can I list offices and meeting rooms?

Yes! You can choose to list your space for coworking, private offices, meeting rooms and more. Also, you can customize your private rooms to be rented by the hour, half day, full day, or for multiple days.

What will my listing look like?

Deskpass partner spaces are proudly displayed on our Find A Space page, and can make adjustments to their listings at any time.

How much does it cost?

It’s free to be listed on Deskpass, and we pay you for every coworking visit, or private space rental we send your way.

Also, we'll do all the work: marketing, advertising, and automation so there is no added work on your team!

Who will be reserving my space?

Deskpass members are remote workers who value a professional, productive environment to get their work done. Our members range from corporate teams, to small businesses, to individual entrepreneurs, consultants, artists, and more.

Each Deskpass member is required to adhere to our Rules & Guidelines at all times.

Safety Concerns?

Deskpass members are required to keep a valid credit card on file at all times.

Members are also required to make reservations in advance, so your team can verify they have a reservation in the system prior to being allowed into your space.

Additionally, all Deskpass members must adhere to our Rules & Guidelines at all times.

Should you have any issues with a Deskpass member, you can always contact our Support Team during business hours via live chat, phone, and email.

How does access work with my electronic locks, locked door, etc?

Deskpass seamlessly integrates your electronic lock system so Deskpass members are only provided access information once they arrive and check in. Your electronic lock codes or instructions are never shown publicly.