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Money back guarantee. Easy refunds if Deskpass doesn’t work for you.


A traditional office requires long-term contracts. With Deskpass, rent a desk in an ideal spot for a few days, weeks, or a month.


Deskpass offers access to hundreds of private meeting spaces that are available by the hour, right now.


We offer the most affordable options available for workspaces.

Largest Network

One Deskpass membership gives you access to the largest network of on demand workspaces available. Choose from over a thousand workspaces across the world all available at your fingertips.


Our continually expanding network of spaces means diversity in options, and someplace new to try down the line.


Through our expansive Online Community you can learn about fellow Deskpassers, share resources, and check out fun, thought-provoking events.


From Deskpass-sponsored events to happy hours at individual spaces attend any number of events, from entrepreneurial meet-and-greets to design and tech workshops, show- and- tells, and more.

Benefits & Perks

Members get access to an ever-growing network of benefits and perks at restaurants, stores and services local to our spaces.


With our new Teams feature, your Deskpass membership can grow with your company to accommodate every member of your team.

Do the math.

With thousands of members , Deskpass supports a community of people who are working productively on their own terms. And they’re thriving.

Stats provided by OWL Labs

of employees believe being able to continue to work remotely, post-pandemic would make them feel like their employer cares about them.


of people are the same or more productive working remotely


believe remote work offers better work-life balance and makes them happier


of employees feel less stressed working remotely and 66% are more likely to recommend their employer

It provides flexibility for me to meet folks all around the city and still be efficient with my work day.

Rather than committing to one location, Deskpass provides flexibility for access to so many great coworking locations! App works great!

Convenience, an easier commute, value and maximizing my productivity all factor into my Deskpass membership.

It's flexible, get to meet great people all over the city, great for someone who's on their own and is new to LA.

Super simple. Very flexible. Awesome assortment of workspaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of teams use Deskpass?

We have a wide spectrum of members from various industries including Healthcare, Legal, Technology, Education, Finance, Philanthropy, and so much more.

How many people do we need on our team to be eligible for Deskpass for Teams?

Five or more. Currently, teams ranging from five to 2,000 members are using Deskpass for Teams.

What kind of reporting capabilities are available?

In your team dashboard, you can drill down and see each individual’s desk and meeting room reservations. We email your team manager(s) monthly reports that illustrate where your team is utilizing space, as well as other details.

How do team members access the platform?

Individual team members can simply log in, and we take care of the rest. Members of your team gain a unique branded experience that includes

Can I choose which locations our team uses?

Yes, the team manager can select which locations they would like their team to use.

How much does it cost?

We offer multiple plans based on your team's specific needs. Please contact us for details.

Can we try it out?

Absolutely! We're happy to setup an arrangement for you and your team to try Deskpass and see if it's a good fit for you.

What types of spaces are in your network?

Deskpass has hundreds of spaces all over the country. Each space has been vetted to ensure the highest standards and every space is unique. Through Deskpass, you'll gain access to filters and other information that can set clear expectations on the overall experience, and which amenities to expect at each space.

What types of spaces are available to book? Can I book meeting rooms?

Our network includes a variety of environments to work in throughout the United States. Our app makes it easy to book both day-long workstations as well as hourly conference rooms, phone booths, board rooms, training rooms and so much more.

What are the hours of operation?

Availability varies and is subject to each particular space. Many spaces are open at 8am or 9am and close around 5pm or 6pm. It is always recommended to check the specific hours of the space you’re going to.