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Explore the entire Deskpass network and instantly reserve your workspace with a few simple clicks.

When you just need a simple reservation for an amazing workspace.

Search, book, and check-in instantly through the Deskpass app.

Daily booking options for individuals or small groups in quiet, beautiful coworking locations with every possible amenity.
Meeting Spaces
Hourly, daily, and even longer options for meeting rooms, conference rooms, event spaces, training rooms, phone booths and more.
Hourly, daily, and even longer options for meeting rooms, conference rooms, event spaces, training rooms, phone booths and more.


No commitment to get the space you need today.

Subscriptions and long-term commitments to get access to amazing desks, conference rooms, and private offices are a thing of the past with our on-demand, pay-as-you model.

safety & Security

Helping keep you safe and healthy while you work.

Spending time worrying about whether you’re workspace is clean and secure is time you could be spending creatively solving problems. Deskpass coworking loctions are carefully selected based on their commitment to the safety and security of every visitor.

exceptional choice

A workspace for every preference and need.

The Deskpass network provides instant access to every possible type of workspace, whether you need an ultra-quiet, relaxing space or a bustling collaborative location with every modern amenity.









Find and reserve your perfect space instantly

Deskpass has transformed the way we think about our footprint and is the first option we think of when considering real estate in a new city.

One of the ways we would use Deskpass is as a reward for someone who had given the agency a lot from an hour standpoint or someone who needs to get some creativity. It's been a brilliant tool allowing us to offer managed workplace flexibility.

Deskpass feels like it was designed just for 5. Flexible work-from-home solutions combined with Deskpass access to dozens of office spaces near our clients has been a game changer for us.

The pandemic accelerated our plans to close up our physical office and move to fully distributed work. Deskpass was an easy option to offer our employees during this transition who need a change of pace from their home office every now and then. The availability, flexibility, and safety of the spaces has been a great lifeline for our teams to use when needed.

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Instant Workspace

Best for everyone. Simply search our network, find a workspace, and make your reservation, instantly.

  • On-demand hot desks
  • Meeting rooms
  • Private offices
  • Pay-as-you-go
  • No commitment
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Deskpass Teams

Best for companies looking to provide flexible workspace solutions for their employees.

  • Everything in Instant Workspace +
  • Utilization based pricing
  • Admin dashboard with budget controls
  • Consolidated billing
  • Live reporting and usage insights
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