We believe in the power of great places to work.

Simply Put

Deskpass is a monthly membership that offers as-needed access to an ever-growing network of professionally managed workspaces throughout Chicago, NYC, LA, Austin, San Francisco, Denver, Boston, Miami, and DC and soon the world.

Our Story

The genesis of Deskpass comes from our founders’ experience opening the first coworking space in downtown Chicago—The Coop.

After selling The Coop and building space management software, we invented Deskpass. We wanted a simple and awesome way to share the power of coworking, introduce great spaces and help lovely people meet as many other lovely people as possible.

We’re operators at heart and believe that work is better shared. We’re focused on building a better work, one desk at a time.

Looking for a great place to work? We’re hiring.

Senior Digital Marketer
Have experience helping great brands grow? We’re looking for a well rounded marketer to help get the word out.
New York City Lead
We’re looking for an all-star go getter to help lead our efforts in NYC later this year. Think you are up for the challenge? Apply here.

Are you the press?

We’ve compiled some of the info you might need while covering Deskpass. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or want to arrange an interview, please reach out.

Contact Us

For all media inquiries about Deskpass, please contact press@deskpass.com.