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The city is now your office.

Deskpass is an affordable coworking monthly membership pass offering access to 50+ of the finest shared workspaces in Chicago & LA.

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Cowork wherever your day may take you.


Work someplace inspiring and welcoming, starting at $99/month.

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Search and book on your phone with a simple check in when you show up.

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We feature a growing number of spaces around Chicago and LA to meet your work needs.

Work where you want, when you want in both Chicago and LA.

Deskpass members can work at the same space up to 5 times every month or someplace new every day. Great amenities, awesome communities and a productive place to work are now at your fingertips.

Join likeminded companies using Deskpass.

Curious how Deskpass can help your business grow and retain great employees? Get in touch.

Two ways to Deskpass

Get access to 50+ spaces around Chicago and LA. All Deskpass spaces are available Monday through Friday. Choose the membership that works best for you.

For Individuals

For Businesses

If you're a business looking to offer Deskpass to your employees, reach out. We'd love to chat.

  • Deskpass Coworking Chicago - Create more room

    Create more room

    Deskpass provides additional space for your growing team while avoiding the hassle of signing a lease.

  • Deskpass Coworking Chicago - Affordable and flexible

    Affordable and flexible

    Curious how Deskpass can help your business grow and retain great employees? Get in touch.

  • Deskpass Coworking Chicago - Happier Employees

    Happier employees

    Happy workers do better and more work. Deskpass enables a quick commute, a convenient location or a creative change of pace.

What people are saying

People love Deskpass. Here’s what they’re sharing about us on Twitter.

Deskpass gives me a different kind of flexibility. Where I can work at home, the coffee shop, or anywhere.
Jacob Snyder, @jupitercow
I like it…I like it a lot…
Erin harris, @DailyChi
A brilliant new way to work in Chicago.
Jan Pöschko, @poeschko
This will get huge in the #remotework community.
Jan Pöschko, @poeschko
This right here, is my jam.
Marcin Zerek, @MarcinZerek
A change in environment is a good way to mix up the workweek.
Reb Carlson, @mynameisreb