Affordable Coworking Across America

Coworking has reshaped the way we think of work.

It’s a response to a time marked by unprecedented changes in where and how we work. With companies continuing to embrace remote and hybrid work, traditional office walls are dissolving to give way to more flexible, vibrant, community-driven work environments. (If you’re impatient, you can take a look at some of our favorites.)

If you ask us, a deeper transformation within the workforce is driving this surge in demand for coworking space. The rise of freelancing, remote work, and the gig economy has ushered in a new era where the conventional 9-to-5 office model no longer suits everyone. As professionals across industries adapt to working from home, though, they’re craving communities where they can connect, collaborate, and create in-person—just without the constraints of traditional office leases.

Coworking spaces deliver on these opportunities and advantages, providing environments that are adaptable and inspiring—and surprisingly affordable, thanks to Deskpass.

Check in to the most affordable coworking spaces across America

Deskpass is dedicated to making coworking affordable for hybrid workers and teams across America. Our network of spaces is growing day by day—and each location has been carefully chosen to exemplify the affordability and accessibility of coworking spaces around the country.

Expansive - The Loop

Affordable coworking in Chicago: Expansive—The Loop

Nestled in the bustling Loop of Chicago, Expansive-The Loop feels like stepping into a piece of history, but with all the modern perks you could dream up. For just $38 a day, you get your own desk in a building that's seen Chicago grow around it—the blend of rough wood beams and ornate ironwork with contemporary finishes makes every day at work feel like a new discovery in the heart of the city.

Primary - 26 Broadway

Affordable coworking in New York City: Primary—26 Broadway

Imagine working in a space in NYC's Financial District that fuels both your productivity and your well-being. For $38 a day, Primary’s desks are surrounded by a lush, green oasis, complete with yoga and meditation classes to help you find your Zen. It's the kind of place where the stress of the city melts away the moment you step inside. And its replacement? Professional and personal chill.

Union Cowork - Arts District

Affordable coworking in Los Angeles: Union Cowork—Arts District

At $35 a day for your own personal desk, Union Cowork in the LA Arts District is where creativity meets convenience. Union Cowork offers a nod to the neighborhood’s artistic spirit—a blend of history and innovation that's as unique as the professionals who work there. Whether you're brainstorming your next big idea or simply soaking in the area's vibrant energy, this space is designed to inspire.

Expansive - Pioneer Building

Affordable coworking in Seattle: Expansive—Pioneer Building

With a day rate of $38, working from the Expansive in the Pioneer Building means working from a part of Seattle’s storied past. The building itself is a treasure, but it’s the community within that makes it a true gem for coworking.

Work&Co Miami

Affordable coworking in Miami: Work&Co Miami

For those in Miami seeking a sleek, professional spot to get things done, Work&Co offers just that for $37 a day. Located on Biscayne Boulevard, it dodges the downtown hustle for a setting that’s all about focus and efficiency—not to mention its cool-as-Miami-itself flair.

Werqwise San Francisco

Affordable coworking in San Francisco: Werqwise San Francisco

At $40 for a desk for a day, Werqwise isn’t just a place to work; it's a place that understands how you work best. Located in the Soma district, it’s unique spaces are designed to fit your workflow, whether you need buzz and interaction or quiet and concentration. It's coworking that gets you, making every day more productive than the last.

How can I access affordable coworking spaces?

Accessing affordable coworking spaces is seamless with Deskpass. Whether you’re a freelancer or a hybrid worker searching for a home away from home, it’s easy to book spaces instantly with the Deskpass app (all the while enjoying special offers and discounts without long-term commitments). Our Instant Workspace plan follows a pay-as-you-go model—so you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

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