Coworking 101

Coworking spaces are like the coffee houses of the 17th century: places where great minds meet…only with better Wi-Fi and ergonomic chairs. Communal offices where freelancers, remote workers, and even entire companies share a workspace that isn’t their living room.

The allure?

Coworking spaces offer community.

And Deskpass transforms this concept into a tangible reality—offering both team-based solutions and individual instant bookings to help anyone find the perfect place to roll up their sleeves for a day, a week, or longer.

Here’s what you need to know about coworking, and how you can leverage these dynamic spaces to work at your best.

Why are coworking spaces effective?

The success of any workplace hinges on the work you do and, frankly, how you do it.

Let’s face it—the home office can get monotonous. And in Deskpass coworking spaces, hybrid work can mean all the vibrancy of creative, in-person innovation and collaboration with all the freedom to choose when, where, and how you want to work.

Coworking helps organizations keep their teams connected across the globe, while accommodating solo flyers wherever they may choose to work. Coworking supports this concept across a diverse range of work styles.

In coworking spaces, a web developer might find new inspiration from the quiet hum of conversation around them. A writer could push past a block in a plush corner nook with plenty of windows instead of looking for a solve out their home office window.

On-demand, refreshing environments means refreshed workers (and refreshed work).

Mindspace - Wynwood

The many benefits of coworking

Why are employers, employees, and freelancers alike using coworking spaces? These shared working environments provide a full range of benefits, tailored to meet the needs of every kind of worker.

Real connections in shared spaces.

Your nearest coworking space is a thriving community ripe with opportunities for genuine connections. Here, professionals from varied fields mingle, sparking collaborations that could lead to your next big gig or enrich your professional network.

Smart spending for smart workers.

The financial logic of coworking spaces is hard to beat. You get the perks of a full office—think meeting rooms, high-speed internet, and endless coffee—without the drain of a traditional lease. Who says you can’t have what you need, when you need it, and keep your budget happy, too?

Finding your focus.

Away from the laundry list of home distractions, coworking spaces offer a sanctuary for productivity. Whether it’s the buzz of a busy room that gets your brain going or the calm of a quiet corner, you’ll find the perfect backdrop to get things done.

Growing together.

It’s not all about the grind—coworking spaces can be fertile ground for growth. Some offer workshops and talks that could change the way you see your work or industry. Who can say no to becoming a real part of a community that’s as interested in your personal development as you are?

Balancing the scales between work and life.

Coworking rewrites the work-life equation, giving you a place to pursue your passions professionally without blurring the lines of your work and your home life. Now, you can count on a space that’s there for you—keeping you inspired and productive—then stepping away to enjoy everything else life has to offer.

The costs of coworking spaces

The cost of coworking spaces, as highlighted by a 2022 report from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, varies significantly based on location, amenities offered, and the type of workspace. Generally, there are two types of coworking pricing models:

  • For those dipping their toes in the coworking world or who need a space sporadically, daily rates offer the flexibility of a no-strings-attached work environment.

  • Monthly memberships, on the other hand, cater to those who crave the stability of a regular workspace without the traditional office lease’s financial and logistical burdens.

In our biggest cities, like NYC, prices are naturally steeper compared to more serene locales like rural Wisconsin—reflecting the demand and cost of living in these areas. On average, you can expect to spend around $300-$400 per month for a dedicated desk in an open office layout, with the spectrum ranging from $200 to $700 based on the space’s amenities and location.

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Deskpass’s world of coworking

Deskpass has turned the traditional coworking model on its head with its pay-as-you-go approach, making the leap into coworking spaces as easy as downloading an app. No hidden fees, long-term commitments, or compulsory memberships to worry about. Now, workers can breathe easy knowing they’re only paying for the space they use, when they use it.

Deskpass offers two unique solutions that meet anyone’s needs.

Deskpass Teams

Deskpass Teams is a perfect, seamless solution for companies looking to dive into hybrid work without the hassle. Imagine having the ability to connect your team to over thousands of desks, conference rooms, and private offices worldwide—all manageable from a single platform. It’s about giving your team the world as their office, ensuring they have the space they need to succeed, wherever they are.

Deskpass Instant Workspace

Deskpass Instant Workspace is the go-to for freelancers, solo entrepreneurs, and small teams craving instant access to a workspace without the rigmarole of traditional office leasing. With options ranging from $15 a day for a desk to $50 a day for a private office, it’s about having the freedom to choose your workspace on the fly, tailored to the day’s demands.

Deskpass hasn’t just simplified coworking—we’ve made it more accessible, affordable, and adaptable for today’s diverse workforce. Because that’s what employers, employees, and teams everywhere deserve.

Download Deskpass to connect, collaborate, and cowork today

Getting started with coworking is easy. Whether you’re a team looking to diversify your working locations or an individual craving the buzz of a shared space, Deskpass has two solutions to fit anyone’s needs. Click here to make your first booking and discover the space that sparks your best ideas.

Get a complimentary $250 Deskpass credit when you sign up for a Teams account today.

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