3 Reasons Spaces Love Deskpass

Every one of the more than 500 coworking spaces on the Deskpass network is a unique ecosystem and community. We love learning how they operate, who loves to work there, and what makes them different.

We’re proud of every space we offer on the network and appreciate the warm welcome our members receive. So, we asked three spaces in three cities the same three questions to learn more about how opening their doors to Deskpass members has helped their business and community. Let’s see what they have to say!

They love having Deskpass members cowork at their space.

It was (and continues to be) very easy. Deskpass gives us the ability to offer what works for us (specific seating, amenities included or not included, days of the week, etc.). Almost ALL Deskpass members seem to know what to do on their own upon arriving and are low maintenance for us. — Alchemy Creative Workspace, Denver

Deskpass provided a supplemental funnel of engaged members to our community. Deskpass members are early adopters of the co-working movement, so it’s no wonder so many of them fall in love with Cross Campus DTLA! — Cross Campus DTLA

We’ve increased traffic to our spaces across multiple locations. Although we specialize in fully-furnished private offices, Deskpass has sent new coworkers to our shared workspace areas which creates an energetic, friendly environment that our office members love. —Novel Coworking, Chicago

Deskpass adds value to the space and community.

My staff loves the new coworkers that come to us from Deskpass because it provides them an opportunity to showcase our workspaces and amenities, and have Deskpass visitors experience first-hand what its like to be a member at Novel Coworking. Reading our website is great, but having people actually come in and cowork in our spaces it what best demonstrates what we can provide. — Novel Coworking, Chicago

Deskpass has increased our brand image awareness in the DTLA community. With so many co-working options to choose from, Deskpass gives their members the opportunity to see what Cross Campus has to offer. — Cross Campus DTLA

Being newly-open, Deskpass has increased awareness about our space and helped us increase traffic, which is great. However the most impactful aspect for Alchemy has been memberships coming from Deskpass members that have converted to Alchemy members. — Alchemy Creative Workspace, Denver

Deskpass adds all kinds of benefits like an increase in membership levels, brand awareness, revenue, social media posts, environment, opportunities and more!

Deskpass gives our members an opportunity to get to know the coworking community at large. At the end of the day, bringing in new members is a top priority and teaming up with Deskpass has allowed us to increase our reach.— Cross Campus DTLA

Receiving new visitors who are interested in coworking, without having to spend our own funds on marketing, advertising, or sales outreach. — Novel Coworking, Chicago

Honestly, not to take the easy route on this answer. But ALL of the above examples truly apply for our Deskpass partnership. — Alchemy Creative Workspace, Denver

Thanks to our friends at Novel Coworking in Chicago, Alchemy Creative Workspace in Denver and Cross Campus DTLA in Los Angeles.

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