Our COVID-19 Response

As remote workers ourselves, the Deskpass Team is closely following the rapid changes that are impacting our coworking space network, and making quick adjustments to accommodate these changes, while keeping our members up-to-date regarding how these changes will impact our Deskpass community.

Given the nationwide shelter-in-place recommendation and the mandated order in many of our operating cities, the Deskpass Team has proactively marked all spaces as 'Temporarily Unavailable' and they are not able to be reserved via Deskpass at this time.

We have asked our partner spaces to update their status as soon as they are open again and we will continually reach out to them as well.

Since our members are unable to make reservations at this time, Deskpass has temporarily changed our subscription policy and is offering our members a temporary pause until their local stay-at-home directive is cancelled.

We will continue to evaluate our network status based on local government orders and will notify all members in advance of reactivating member accounts.

To Pause Your Deskpass Membership

  • Go to your Account page and click the Cancel Subscription link in red text. On the next screen you will be able to pause your account.
  • During this pause, no billing will occur and your credits will stay intact. You will not be able to use your Deskpass account while your account is paused.
  • As a courtesy, if your membership has renewed since March 16, and you choose to pause your account, we will also issue a refund of that specific charge after your account has been paused, just contact our support team.

A Way To Stay Connected

In response to the temporary closure of workspaces, Deskpass has recently announced the launch of our Deskpass Online Community, free for all Deskpass members.

Our Community allows you to connect with Deskpass members across the country, participate in virtual coworking sessions and events, share resources, receive discounts on a growing list of products, and more.

As a paused member, you can always access the Deskpass Community by logging in to your Deskpass account and clicking Community on the menu bar.

Our team is hosting a series of virtual member events that are free for all Deskpass members to participate - To learn more or to attend a free virtual event, visit the Events page within the Community.

We hope this information has been helpful, and we appreciate your understanding during this difficult time.

If you have any questions or need anything else, please let us know.

We wish you and your family safety and good health during this difficult time.


The Deskpass Team

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