What are the benefits of coworking?

As more and more employers grow open to the idea of remote work and coworking, we wanted to answer a question we’ve been getting a lot of. If you’re on the fence about joining Deskpass or a standalone coworking space in your city, we’re hoping this post will provide some clarity.

Break up your normal routine

Working from home is great, but not all the time. Studies have shown that a change in environment can spark creativity, boost motivation and enhance your overall mood…and when you’re in a good mood, you tend to do great work. As someone that works from home part of the week, I really perk up when I’m around other professionals in a coworking environment, even if I’m not actively engaging in conversations.

Curate your ideal work environment

If you’ve ever had a toxic office environment, you know what we’re getting at here. According to Forbes, 23% of employees report that they work in a toxic workplace and based on an article we found on built In, 46% of workers say culture is “very important” in deciding whether to accept a job offer or not. Furthermore, 47% of people looking for another job are doing so because they don’t align with their current company’s culture.

All this is to say that environment can enhance or detract from doing your best work. At Deskpass, we’ve included filters and ‘moods’ that allow you to narrow down your selection of coworking spaces to try. It gives you the flexibility to choose a space based on the layout, the location or the overall atmosphere.

A network of coworking spaces like Deskpass allows you to create your work environment, on your terms. In many ways, you can cherry-pick aspects you want and don’t want (for example, a quiet atmosphere, or the place that always stocks your favorite kind of tea).

Build meaningful connections

We might live in an increasingly digital world, but in-person connection is unmatched. Given everything going on in the world right now, I think we’re all missing (and craving) that physical connection that coworking spaces offer. While some spaces are more apt to networking opportunities than others, there is always a chance to meet new people outside of official events. Try the communal kitchen or strike up a conversation with the space manager.

Several Deskpass members have mentioned securing more work through coworking. Collaboration with people outside of your industry, who you wouldn't normally meet is refreshing, and can soon lead to the fusion of new products being formed.

Cut costs, not productivity

This point is especially true for employers who might still be paying high office rents for their employees. Coworking not only gives employees the flexibility to work in an environment that promotes their best work, it allows employers to cut office costs and instead, invest that money back into their businesses.

For freelancers and independent contractors, opting for a service like Deskpass is considerably more affordable than directly renting a dedicated desk at a single space—that said, if you find a space you absolutely love and suits all your needs, it’s well worth the investment.

Create a work/life balance

We’ve written about this before, but working from home can cause a disruption in your overall lifestyle. How, exactly? Well, when you live and work at home, it can be difficult to know when to “turn off” and stop working. Typically, people who only work from home end up working more hours in the day without being more productive.

While so many of us love what we do, it’s important to remember that we are “more than” what we do. Allow time and space to strengthen your personal relationships, practice your other passions or simply take the night off for a good glass of wine and some Netflix.

One of our members wrote to tell us that coworking has made her and her husband better parents. They noted that they felt more productive when working from a coworking space, which in turn allowed them to come home earlier. When they would come home, they were more present with their kids, as they were undistracted by work.

Set healthy habits

Prioritizing a work/life balance is a major health benefit of coworking, but it’s not the only one. You might also start leading a healthier lifestyle, from the inside out. One Deskpass member told us that she lost weight from coworking because she packed her lunch, and since she was already making that added effort, she committed to healthier food choices, too. She was grateful for fewer temptations of excessive snacking or ordering takeout like she would at home.

Structure is also helpful in attaining these health goals. Whenever I cowork, I tend to wake up earlier, plan out my calendar and schedule breaks for breakfast and lunch much more effectively than I do during work-from-home days. I’m generally more aware not only of how my time is being spent, but what I’m putting into my body.

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