Deskpass Teams vs. Deskpass Instant Workspace

It should come as no surprise: as modern work has evolved, so has the modern worker.

Today, there’s a greater demand for flexibility and a working environment where choice, autonomy, and adaptability come first. Where you work has become just as important as the work itself. And as a result, “the office” has been redefined.

Hybrid workers need workspaces that meet them right where they are. Deskpass makes this possible with two unique programs—Deskpass Teams and Deskpass Instant Workspace. Let’s take a closer look at how they work, so you can choose the best plan for your flex work experience.

Deskpass Teams

Deskpass Teams is a key solution for companies transitioning, or looking to transition to flexible work arrangements. It’s a comprehensive solution—providing companies and their employees access to over thousands of desks, conference rooms, and private offices across over 220 cities worldwide.

  • Utilization-based pricing: Pay only for the space you use. This ensures cost efficiency—a direct correlation between real estate costs and their value to the business.

  • Access management: Easily manage who can use Deskpass, set individual access levels, and configure spending caps for effective cost-control.

  • Reporting: Access detailed reports on individual and team space usage, total spend, and more, allowing for precise budget management and cost predictability.

  • Safety and security: Gain access to the cleanest, safest, and most secure workspaces nationwide and around the world.

Network of spaces: Choose from a wide variety of workspaces suitable for any work type, including meetings, conferences, or individual work.

Deskpass Instant Workspace

Deskpass Instant Workspace is designed for freelancers, individuals, or small teams who need flexible and immediate access to workspaces. It’s an ideal solution for those seeking flexibility and convenience, offering a variety of workspace options without the need for long-term commitments.

  • Easy reservation: Instantly search, book, and check-in hassle-free to workspaces through the Deskpass app.

  • Diverse booking options: Explore daily desk booking options for individuals or small groups, as well as options for meeting and conference rooms and private offices.

  • Pay-as-you-go: There’s no subscription or long-term commitment required, allowing users to access desks, conference rooms, and private offices on an on-demand basis.

  • Safety and security: Deskpass coworking locations are selected based on their commitment to safety and security, ensuring a clean and secure workspace for everyone.

  • Exceptional choice: Provides instant access to workspaces that meet every need, whether it’s a quiet space for focused work or a bustling location for collaboration.

Comparing Teams vs. Instant Workspace

Choosing between Deskpass Teams and Deskpass Instant Workspace hinges on the size of your team and your specific workspace needs.

Deskpass Teams is ideal for businesses with five or more employees, offering a comprehensive solution for managing hybrid workspace access across a distributed network. Utilization-based pricing and detailed reporting features also offer effective oversight for larger teams. It’s tailored for organizations looking to streamline their hybrid work model with a focus on flexibility and cost efficiency.

Deskpass Instant Workspace shines for freelancers, solo entrepreneurs, and small teams of less than five. It prioritizes instant access to a wide range of workspaces, without unwieldy commitments. It’s also a great option for professionals on the move, who may find themselves in a variety of bustling cities throughout the year, looking for a coworking space to settle into.

Ultimately, whether you’re coordinating for a growing team or navigating the freelance world, your choice between Teams and Instant Workspace will be guided by your demand for scale and control in your work environment.

Embrace the age of flexibility with Deskpass

Whether you’re leading a thriving team or charting your own course as a freelancer, Deskpass has flexible solutions to elevate your workspace experience. The choice between Teams or Instant Workspace depends on your specific needs, team size, and work style. Whichever one you choose, you’re sure to empower better work.

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Instant Workspace

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  • On-demand hot desks
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  • Private offices
  • Pay-as-you-go
  • No commitment
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Deskpass Teams

Best for companies looking to provide flexible workspace solutions for their employees.

  • Everything in Instant Workspace +
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  • Admin dashboard with budget controls
  • Consolidated billing
  • Live reporting and usage insights
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