Effective Date: September 21, 2018

Welcome to Deskpass! We are thrilled that you’re coworking around town with us and we promise to do everything we can to make your experience wonderful.

Since Deskpass provides you access to great workspaces all over town, it is important to us to make that process easy, understandable, and comfortable.

This Code of Conduct is not only helpful, it allows us to creates a safe, respectful system for all members as well as the spaces we’ve invited to participate in our coworking network.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding these policies, you can always contact us at: hello@deskpass.com

Deskpass members agree to adhere to the following when booking, visiting, and interacting with: workspaces, workspace employees, workspace members, and anyone else encountered via Deskpass.

A booking should be made prior to arrival at a space. Making a booking is not only a courtesy to the space, it also serves as verification that the space is open and available for coworking via Deskpass.

If a Deskpass member cannot attend a booking, that booking should be cancelled as soon as possible, and that visit will be returned to your account.

Many spaces have limited availability, so cancelling a booking allows that spot to become available for another Deskpass member.

To cancel a booking, sign in to the Deskpass app or website, and visit the Bookings page.

If a booking is not cancelled and not attended, that booking will be considered used and deducted as a visit.

Deskpass members must review the ‘Getting There’ instructions provided in their booking confirmation email, prior to arrival at a space. This ensures a Deskpass member is knowledgeable about access instructions, and has any other instructions provided by the space.

If the ‘Getting There’ instructions are no longer accurate, or are unclear in any way, a Deskpass member can contact the Deskpass support team at: support@deskpass.com, or through our Live Chat feature (in the Deskpass app or on our website), and our team will work with the space to get updated instructions into their space profile.

After arriving at a space for the first time, we recommend visiting the front desk, reception area, or seeking out a manager on-site. If no manager can be located, a Deskpass member can find the manager’s contact information in their booking confirmation email if needed.

After arrival, a Deskpass visitor must check in on the Deskpass app or website. See section below titled ‘Checking In At A Space’

Upon arrival, a Deskpass visitor must always ‘check in’ on the Deskpass app or website, to confirm they have attended their booking and to unlock important information about that particular space, including but not limited to: WiFi network and password, seating information, bathroom location, house rules, etc.

This ensures that our spaces know you’re there, can give you the best experience, and we make sure to pay the spaces too!

Your Visit

Deskpass members are encouraged to introduce themselves to a manager at a space, to learn about what workspaces, services, and amenities are available to them during their Deskpass visit.

A Deskpass member agrees to always adhere to the rules, policies, and expectations of each workspace, during their Deskpass visit.

Common courtesy is a must for all Deskpass members, including but not limited to:

  • Respect for a space’s physical property
    • A Deskpass member is fully responsible for any item broken or missing after their use of the item
  • Respect for a space’s employees, members, and all people encountered within the space at all times
  • Respect for a space’s policies, rules, and their own code of conduct at all times
  • Interacting in a professional, courteous demeanor at all times
  • Contributing to a safe, inclusive environment for all at all times
  • Contributing to a comfortable, productive environment for all, including but not limited to:
    • Adhering to a space’s rules regarding where and how to take phone calls and video calls
    • Adhering to rules and access policies regarding meeting rooms, private offices, and guests or other group activities

Keeping volume of conversations, calls, and personal noise at a respectful, courteous level that does not disrupt other people’s ability to focus

Deskpass does not own or operate any of the spaces listed on our network, however, we take every possible step to ensure we have invited only the best workspaces to be part of our coworking membership network. Deskpass communicates frequently with and visits the spaces listed on our network, in an effort to make sure they are still of good quality, and an appropriate partner.

As such, our aim is for every Deskpass member to enjoy the following environment and level of quality during a Deskpass booking:

  • A comfortable workspace
  • A productive environment
  • A safe, inclusive workspace

Deskpass promises that we will do everything we can to provide a great experience for our members.

If for some reason, a Deskpass member does not have a great experience at a workspace, we ask that you contact us immediately at: support@deskpass.com, or through our Live Chat feature (on the Deskpass app or website) which is available during business hours. Please let us know your name, the name of the space, the date of your booking, and a brief summary of your experience. Deskpass promises to read and review each submission, and take action accordingly, including but not limited to: communicating with the space directly to receive updated information and adjust their space profile, visiting a space to discuss the issue with management, or deactivating the space profile on the Deskpass network if needed.

Account Termination

Deskpass reserves the right to terminate a Deskpass member account at any time, with proper justification including but not limited to a member’s violation of this Code of Conduct. Deskpass also reserves the right to remove a space from its network, with proper justification including but not limited to a space’s inability to provide a good experience, or a good environment for Deskpass members.

For all of our terms and policies related to Deskpass please visit our: Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy & FAQ page.

The Deskapss team is thrilled to be partnered with you and to support your wonderful workspace. We are here to promote you, and to drive awareness and new visitors to your space.

It is important to us, that every visitor we send to your workspace is respectful of your rules and policies.

We’ve created a helpful guide and Code of Conduct for Deskpass members to follow, and you can view this in the Code of Conduct for Deskpass Members section.

For Deskpass Spaces, we’ve prepared the information below if you have any questions, concerns, or issues regarding receiving Deskpass members at your space, or a specific member in general.

As always, thank you for being a Deskpass space!

Issue With A Deskpass Member

All Deskpass members have agreed to adhere to a Code of Conduct, as seen in the ‘Code Of Conduct for Deskpass Members’ section.

If a Deskpass space has any issues with a Deskpass member, we request to be notified as soon as possible, so we can address any issues and if needed, communicate with the Deskpass member directly.

To report an issue with a Deskpass member please:

  • Contact Nicole Vasquez (Chief Community Officer) directly at: nicole@deskpass.com, or by phone at: 844-337-5846. Please indicate the member’s name, date of booking, and a brief summary of the issue
  • You may also contact our Customer Support team during business hours, through the Live Chat feature on the Deskpass website, or, email us directly at: support@deskpass.com

If there are any personal safety issues, health concerns, or other imminent dangers, we strongly advise you to contact your local authorities when needed.