Recent Coworking Trends and Booking Behavior

At our recent Group Discussion with Deskpass Partner Spaces, we discussed:

  • Booking behavior
  • How to get more visitors in your space
  • Trends in new coworking space members
  • How to make members feel more comfortable

Our Workspace Partnerships Manager, Madeline, shared data showing that historically, Deskpass member commutes averaged around 5 miles one way, which was almost half the traditional work commute.

Pairing this data with the knowledge that people want to work closer to home, and more companies are allowing remote work, it is advisable for a workspace to have a diverse array of offerings.

By listing an array of inventory on Deskpass (offices, meeting rooms, coworking seats, content studios, etc), a workspace will be better able to accommodate companies with a geographically distributed workforce who have varying needs.

The chart below shows how Deskpass enables workers to cut down their commute time by 30-60% in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, NYC and San Francisco.

Deskpass continues to provide a flexible solution to remote companies and their distributed teams, and drive traffic to our 750+ partner workspaces across the nation.

Trends in New Coworkers

During the event, spaces mentioned noticing more remote workers being offered stipends from their company to use towards coworking, starting from $200 per month to be spent on day passes, up to $500 per month to be used on a dedicated desk or small office.

Also mentioned was how many larger companies are considering downsizing as they look for more flexible options for their employees who may be spread out among cities, suburbs or different areas of the country.

Instant Book For Room Rentals

The ability to book a meeting room or day pass instantly is vital in attracting more reservations. In the chart below, you can see how many Deskpass users book the same day, a trend that will only continue to increase due to the demand for flexibility.

Creating a Positive Experience for Day Pass Users

The following ideas were mentioned for both open coworking members or Deskpass users in order to make sure everyone feels comfortable in your space and has access to everything they need to get work done in a seamless and easy experience.

  • Having a card or handout with essential information available at the front desk in case the member checks in while the community manager is busy and needs information such as WiFi password, contact info for the community managers, etc
  • Placing laminated instructions at work stations so users know if a seat is available, how to quickly get connected, and how to contact management if needed
  • Sending a follow up email to visitors to get feedback about their experience in your space
  • Having phone booths or ‘Zoom Rooms’ easily accessible or available to instant book when needed throughout the day

How Members are Using Deskpass

The below image is a representation of the types of people using Deskpass and how they are specifically wanting to have access to a variety of spaces (most commonly a range of 2-10 spaces).

We also frequently see members try out 4-5 spaces closest to their house and then choose their favorite and convert directly to membership at that space. Deskpass continues to be a great way for people to try out multiple spaces before committing to a longer term agreement at one space.

Join The Next Group Discussion

Our next Deskpass Partner Spaces event will be on May 27th at 1pm ET. We will discuss how spaces are evolving their marketing or positioning to meet the needs of new members. All Deskpass Partner Spaces are invited to join and share insights about new member behaviors, how your members have adapted to hybrid work, new amenities or services that you are offering to appeal to the WFH worker, and new ways that you are talking about your space.

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