How to Give your Teams Access to the Best Possible Workspace

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the past year of growth, it’s that hybrid work is here to stay. Flexible work arrangements such as hybrid work provide access to a more diverse candidate pool and lead to higher retention rates, increased productivity and happiness levels among employees. It’s what employees want most, and many are willing to walk away from their current positions to find one that allows for more autonomy.

For companies trying to provide office space for their remote employees, it can be challenging. Signing a long-term contract on a traditional office space doesn’t make sense for one or two employees in a specific location, yet most employees would like the option of working from a professional workspace at least part of the time, and preferably, one close to home. That, plus managing expenses for employees using all different workspaces is cumbersome.

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Flexibility on where, when and how they work

Studies show that many employees value flexibility in how, where and when they work more than anything else. When teams join Deskpass, employees gain access to thousands of coworking spaces on our network, making it easy to choose the spaces that are convenient and conducive to doing their best work. S

Shorter commutes save time and money, allowing employees to have a better work/life balance. Given the chance, we see that people choose to work closer to home, which is less than the average commute time. and that commuting time is shorter than the average commuting time.

As more teams go hybrid, adopting an asynchronous communication style is key for maintaining transparency and efficiency. This style of communicating is especially helpful for global companies operating in multiple time zones. Spaces that offer 24/7 access make it easier for employees to work when they are most productive, or a comfortable place to hop on international team calls that fall outside of their normal work hours.

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Personalized, all-inclusive amenities

On the Deskpass app, teams and individuals can filter spaces specifically by location as well as amenities they value most, whether it be standing desks, free parking, outdoor space, bike storage or a mother’s room. This sort of personalized work experience encourages autonomy and increases employee engagement and satisfaction.

Meeting rooms and private offices offer a more collaborative environment for team gatherings and brainstorms. Both meeting rooms and offices on the Deskpass network come with the essentials: commercial-grade furniture, fast internet, professional environment, and privacy for ultimate productivity. Meeting rooms often include whiteboards, presentation displays and multimedia adapters. Most offices will also provide features such as coffee or tea in the shared kitchen area, and a friendly manager on-site to help or answer questions.

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Various seating arrangements and office layouts

Offering varied seating arrangements allows employees to work where they feel most productive. Shared coworking areas might include the standard office chair setup, as well as communal tables, beanbags, vibrant wing chairs and stairs with throw pillows. The change in environment, even when going from a standing desk to a wing chair, gives the brain a fresh perspective. It can help coders solve specific problems, for example, or unblock creative writers.

Lighting and color help to spark creativity and keep workers alert. There’s actually a psychology of colors—dashes of yellow and orange stimulate creativity while blues and greens evoke a calmer space—and tapping into this can really transform a space. Meeting rooms should elicit energy and focus, whereas a room with sleeping pods might be painted blue and dimly lit to help relax workers during their breaks. Many coworking spaces are specifically designed for these things; they’re experts at knowing what helps people to be most productive.

Having designated areas geared toward different goals aids in productivity and overall employee happiness. For employees who have several client calls throughout the day, phone booths offer the privacy they need. On the other hand, communal areas like kitchens, a game room or outdoor space allow teams to relax and nurture their relationships outside of work.

Space that reflects company vision (and culture)

Collaboration plays a big role in how culture reflects a company's vision. Meeting virtually is great, but there’s a certain magic that comes with safe, in-person meetings. Through a network like Deskpass, members and teams can access thousands of meeting rooms and private offices across the United States, Australia, Canada and the UK.

With thousands of options on the Deskpass network, it’s possible to cherry-pick the best workspace for your team. For example, if your company culture includes transparency and collaboration, workspaces that feature a spatial configuration or layout accurately reflect that value system. If your company culture is fueled by practicality and functionality, workspaces that include breakout rooms are best.

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Stability where it matters most

Stability can be very underrated; just ask someone that works from a loud coffee shop with no outlets in sight. You’ll want to have stability where it matters most, which for most companies means tech. Coworking spaces feature high-speed Wi-Fi that is secure and reliable, electrical outlets to charge your devices and amenities that cater to a variety of work needs.

There are managers at coworking spaces that oversee all of this. From changing light bulbs, to making coffee, to ensuring the internet and all tech is working, and stocking the bathrooms and kitchens regularly. There are so many things you get out of a coworking space that they wouldn’t get at home, or would likely not be experienced enough to do running their own office.

The Bottom Line

If you’re going hybrid and want to offer your team more flexibility, Deskpass is a great option. Team members can reserve shared coworking, meeting rooms and private offices as needed, in spaces that are convenient for them and that inspire their best work. Deskpass also offers an all-in-one solution for managing expenses for employees.

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