Four Spaces Now Offering More Flexible Solutions for Hybrid Teams

As more teams adopt a hybrid work model, coworking spaces continue to make adjustments to meet the demand for more flexibility. They are primarily doing this by adding amenities that beat working from home and implementing creative ways to adapt to the new way that employees are living and working.

There are four spaces in particular at Deskpass that are either shifting their operations or just recently opened and are offering unique amenities or services to allow for better collaboration among teams and to meet the need for more short-term on-demand options.

Huddle Rooms at TeamWorking at TechNexus

Over the past 18 months, TeamWorking at TechNexus has been working to overhaul their space by adding memberships, updating the physical space, and thinking more critically about how teams interact collaboratively within their space.

Recently rebranding to TeamWorking at TechNexus, they have added virtual enabled Huddle Rooms, many large TVs on rolling carts that can connect anywhere virtually (Teams, Zoom, Skype), and the ability for teams to access their coworking areas.

“We spent the last year learning. We know that companies may never come back Monday-Friday and wanted to create an environment that still allows teams to connect in person and (safely) collaborate, and also to be a part of a community, of an ecosystem,” says Taylor Kinsella, Director of Operations at TeamWorking at TechNexus.

TeamWorking at TechNexus is also beginning to offer custom memberships like a 3 person office with 6 keycards and a new tier of membership that allows for up to 12 employees from the same company to come in during business hours to use the open coworking area.

“Folks are beginning to think about coming back in person and we are noticing that companies of all sizes want to be a part of a of community, the corporate lease is not working for them anymore,” says Taylor.


Hourly Coworking and Collaboration Pods at from HERE

Recently added to Deskpass, from HERE is a new coworking space located in Plainfield, New Jersey. Very focused on commitment free and hourly options, from HERE offers the Day Pass Desk. Designed to be their workstation away from the office, this desk is height adjustable, has an ergonomic chair, secondary monitors, and charging stations.

“We have a wide range of professionals and students who take advantage of our space,” says Sneh Kadakia, Founder of from HERE. “The common denominator is needing a comfortable, clean, and accessible space to work from or study outside of their homes. Our workspace is open to all people, and we have ensured that through our on-demand, commitment-free offerings, along with affordable, flexible packages and plans.”

In addition to the popular Day Pass Desk, from HERE offers 2-person and 4-person collaboration pods that provide guests with the ability to instantly connect with colleagues and customers in a professional setting. This is vital for small business owners who do not have an office and need a local space to operate their companies.

from HERE

Plus Desks at WorkBistro

WorkBistro was created to be as flexible and accessible as possible - from the rates and pricing structure, to the type of spaces offered, to the locations chosen for each space. Located in Berkeley, Californa, WorkBistro is also a new space on Deskpass.

“Flexible workspaces have historically gravitated towards urban office environments and catered to burgeoning startups or established enterprises,” says Adam Goldstein, Owner of WorkBistro. “There aren't many good options for remote/flexible workers who live outside the city- so we decided to bring the space to them. We place ourselves in the consumer’s mind as a break from working from home, the commute, and the coffee shop shuffle by providing a quality workspace for the price of a cup of coffee.”

The Plus Desks at WorkBistro come with a monitor and standing desk riser. WorkBistro also offers coworking and phone booths by the hour and are constantly trying to learn as much about their customers as possible to cater to their needs.

“We are seeing many customers come in for 1-2 hours, 2-3x per week or come in for 1 day, 1x per week (typically Fridays),” says Adam. “It seems that most folks will take a ‘treat yourself’ approach on Mondays or Fridays and come in for a full day. Other folks, who come in a few times per week, are needing a spot to stop in between their daily routines to get some focus.”


Team Tables at CSTM HAUS

Designed specifically for the smaller team that needs to collaborate, CSTM HAUS has added a Team Table option to their Deskpass profile. The tables generally seat up to 8 people but setting the capacity to 5 people gives small teams plenty of space to spread out while also making the best use of the communal tables.

Teams are oftentimes looking for a way to work together in an open floor plan layout and don’t necessarily need a closed office environment, making this a great option when meeting rooms aren’t available. You can view and book this option on Deskpass here.

CSTM HAUS team tables

The Bottom Line

Spaces are finding ways to adapt quickly and we would love to hear more about what your space is doing to accommodate teams and their need for more flexibility. We have seen meeting rooms getting converted to Zoom Rooms, part-time offices, and so many more creative ways to use what you have to meet the changing needs of companies that might be new to coworking.

If you are interested in adding your new offerings to Deskpass, feel free to reach out to our Workspace Partnerships Manager, Madeline, at [email protected].

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