Unique Amenities at Coworking Spaces Around the World

While working from home has its perks (pajamas and pets come to mind), coworking spaces provide all the benefits of a high-end office without any of the responsibilities of running your own office. No need to brew your own coffee, change lightbulbs, troubleshoot technology issues, refill the printer, or restock the bathrooms.

In addition to the abundance of standard amenities, many workspaces go above and beyond to provide people with productivity-boosting, health-conscious, or luxury perks that unless you’re living that fancy life you won’t get at home.

Health & Hydration

You’ve likely heard that ‘sitting is the new smoking’ in regards to the negative health effects caused by sitting for long periods of time.

While many coworking spaces offer standing desks, BUILDING.CO takes it one healthy step further with their treadmill desk amenity. Members can walk at a slow pace while getting their work done and get their daily steps completed and with minimal noise.

Another health-focused amenity at BUILDING.CO is their Vero Water system which provides three kinds of purified water: sparkling, ambient, and chilled so even the pickiest of water drinkers can stay hydrated.

You can enjoy these amenities when on-site for a day of coworking, or by reserving their beautiful Board Room.

Treadmill desk at BUILDING.CO

Fully Automated Cafe

Expansive Workspace offers tech-enabled, cafe quality coffee and tea, powered by their user-friendly Eversys Machines. You’ll find an Eversys in every Expansive Lounge.

Eversys is a coffee-lover’s dream. It lets you customize your coffee selection so it perfectly fits your preferences. Select from: espresso, americano, latte, cappuccino, or classic coffee (and, of course, hot water for tea drinkers). Machines can self-diagnose issues, send maintenance or calibration alerts directly to their on-site team.

All machines are supplied with premium coffee from Dollop Coffee & Tea Co. So, whether you’re in San Diego, California or Savannah, Georgia you can count on the consistency and convenience of Expansive’s unlimited coffee and tea to fuel your work day. With quality in-house coffee right there, you save precious time and money.This perk is available at all Expansive locations nationwide—Chicago, Dallas, Jacksonville, Nashville and Phoenix just to name a few.


Learning Encouraged

For those who love to read, ModernWell has a large Borrowing Library where members can borrow books or donate their good reads for others to enjoy. Modernwell is all about promoting lifelong learning and creative expression. Their borrowing library is available to the ModernWell community including Deskpass members and includes dozens of published authors and writers, along with hundreds of avid readers.


Distraction-Free Zones

We all need some 'alone time' to rest and reset throughout the day. That's why the The Collaboration Centre in Ottawa created a dedicated 'Quiet Room' for members and guests. Located on the 10th floor, the Quiet Room offers a warm, peaceful environment with spa-like seating. It's a wonderful retreat from the demands and pressures of the workday.

The Quiet Room provides a soothing meditative space evoking feelings of peace and tranquility, where members can go to meditate, pray, self-reflect, or simply decompress. You can even rent it by the hour or day and for private group sessions.

The Collaboration Centre

Audio & Video

In our digital world it seems like everyone has a podcast or is recording videos, and VentureX Dallas by the Galleria has the resources for you to professionally produce your content.

Their Video Studio features a Cyclorama Soundproof green screen stage with broadcast LED lighting and onsite management/support. Additional Services include recording and editing, live streaming and equipment rental (4k cinema cameras, teleprompter, display/review monitors, audio equipment, & wireless microphones).

VentureX Dallas also has a soundproof Podcast Studio that comes with all recording equipment so you don’t have to buy it all yourself: professional microphones, headphones and production units, camera to record you, your guests, and your logo. Training to produce a show is included at no charge.

VentureX Dallas

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