Straight from the Source: 5 Spaces on Why They Love Deskpass

Deskpass works with more than 500+ coworking spaces across 20 cities (and counting!) and each is a unique ecosystem and community. We love learning how they operate, who loves to work there, and what makes them different.

We asked five spaces the same three questions to learn more about how opening their doors to Deskpass members has helped their business and community. Let’s see what they have to say!

credit: Novel Coworking

Novel Coworking

on how Deskpass has impacted operations

“We’re gaining access to new prospective clients by allowing Deskpass clients to test drive our product. We love having busy, vibrant coworking lounges and Deskpass clients bring great energy.”

on benefits of working with Deskpass

“More members, brand awareness, ability to show off product to prospective clients.”

Biggest surprise working with Deskpass?

“We’ve had to challenge ourselves to build network access that non-clients can easily gain access to. Also, Deskpass clients brought to light the fact that our way finding wasn’t very good. We took this feedback and improved our product.” – Kris Elliott, Chief Operating Officer

source: Novel Coworking

Cross Campus

on how Deskpass has impacted operations

“Deskpass has positively impacted our operations by bringing in a variety of potential members to try out our space, see the value we offer to our members and then have them convert to our platform.”

on benefits of working with Deskpass

“While working with Deskpass, we have experienced a busier space and more brand awareness. When we opened our newest location in Beverly Hills, it was a great way to kick off an exciting vibe with the additional Deskpass members and to quickly get new people in our space.”

Biggest surprise working with Deskpass?

“It has been exciting to see Deskpass grow into other markets just like Cross Campus. Soon after we expanded into San Diego, so did Deskpass. It was great to have consistency across all of our locations with this additional service, especially outside of our hometown of Los Angeles.” – Sara Mintzer, Regional Manager

credit: Cross Campus


on how Deskpass has impacted operations

“Deskpass has increased our incoming regular foot traffic. These members have also shown us a hidden population of coworking fans who have truly mobile needs not yet addressed by any coworking brand.”

on benefits of working with Deskpass

“We’ve liked the brand awareness, busy-ness from typically repeat visitors, and incremental revenue increase.”

Biggest surprise working with Deskpass?

“We’ve learned how there’s a hidden population of coworking fans we could’ve never found ourselves.” – Jerome Chang, Owner & Architect


Carr Workplaces

on how Deskpass has impacted operations

“Carr Workplaces has been able to open its space as a different offering to meet the needs for Deskpass members which is a great opportunity for more traffic coming through the doors and more exposure.”

on benefits of working with Deskpass

“Brand awareness has been the biggest benefit for Carr Workplaces. It has been a great opportunity to open up our space for Deskpass members.”

Biggest surprise working with Deskpass?

“The Deskpass team is always a pleasure working with. They are easy to connect with, communicate to and are extremely helpful no matter what it is you are in need of.” – Michele Penaranda, VP of Strategy

credit: Facebook/Carr Workplaces

Servcorp River Point

on how Deskpass has impacted operations

“Working with Deskpass is easy! There has never been a disruption with our day to day operations. The Deskpass team has been great to work with and their clients have been an absolute pleasure.”

on benefits of working with Deskpass

“We have experienced an increase in memberships, as well as, overall brand awareness. Using Deskpass is a great way to get people in the door and have them experience first hand how great our space is.”

Biggest surprise working with Deskpass?

“Their customer service has been outstanding! We pride ourselves on our customer service, so it is nice to be working with another company who does the same.” – Nicole Alesi, Regional Sales Lead

credit: Servcorp

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