Insights from a Year of Exponential Company Growth

It’s been a busy 2021 here at Deskpass. The growth of our corporate business increased 10x from April to July 2021. During this time, we added eight new markets to our network, including our first of several international locations. In August alone, Deskpass had its highest number of reservations per month in seven key cities: Austin, Dallas, Houston, DC, Miami, Tampa, and Orange County, California.

COVID-19 accelerated the conversation around distributed workforces, and companies continue to go hybrid and allow for remote work. Most recently, Deskpass was awarded a contract to provide on-demand flexible workspaces nationwide to support US government employees. To date, Deskpass offers access to more than 1000 premier workspaces across the country, from city centers to suburban communities.

Hybrid work is a win-win for everyone, as studies show that the majority of people value flexibility in where and how they work. Hybrid work leads to higher retention rates among employees, allows for diversity, enables employers to tap into a larger talent pool, increases productivity and decreases levels of loneliness.

The flexible nature of hybrid work appeals to CFOs, HR leaders, and RE executives, especially in a pandemic world. Following the 1200% growth our company saw in the first half of 2021, the Delta variant contributed to a decrease in shared coworking reservations and an increase in meeting room and private office bookings in July and through August.

Unlike at the start of the pandemic, organizations have now grown more adaptable and the desire to cowork remains constant. Both consumers (Deskpass members who primarily reserve shared coworking space by the day) and Teams are making safety paramount. They are willing to pay more—by booking meeting rooms and private offices—in an effort to limit unnecessary contact with others and communal areas. Instead of eliminating shared coworking spaces altogether, teams are still utilizing the thousands of workspaces on our network, but opting for private spaces that feel safer rather than returning to their home offices.

Safety has been a huge priority for our company since the onset of Covid-19. We continue to operate our Safety Pledge program across all cities on our network. Spaces that adhere to the Deskpass suggested standards will receive a Safe Space badge on their profile. These suggested standards are based on the recommendations from leading health and safety organizations (CDC, WHO, and OSHA) and the shared workspace industry.

Requirements for the Safe Space badge are: face coverings (at least in communal areas), hand sanitizer provided on-site, 6 feet between workstations, safety signage posted on-site, cleaning and disinfecting common surfaces twice daily, a contingency plan and action steps, and safe food and beverage service.

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