Deskpass Awarded Contract to Provide On-Demand Flexible Workspaces Nationwide to Support US Government Employees

At Deskpass we believe that where you work impacts how you work. The right space has the power to help people work more efficiently, effectively, happily.

We’re on a mission to power productivity by connecting your employees to work spaces tailored to their needs, which is why we’re thrilled to be among the U.S. General Service Administration’s (GSA) choice for on-demand, flexible workspaces nationwide.

Currently, the Federal Government employs more than two million people across the country and takes up 700 million square-feet of office space. This shift toward hybrid work allows the Federal Government to reduce their real-estate footprint, and at the same time, offer flexibility to their distributed workforce. By paying only for the space they need, the Federal Government will save on expensive office rental contracts and overhead fees, and instead, make more responsible use of taxpayer dollars.

A network of coworking spaces like Deskpass empowers employees to create their ideal work environment, on their terms. In many ways, workers can cherry-pick aspects they want and don’t want (a quiet atmosphere, or the place that always stocks their favorite kind of tea). They can even filter spaces based on specific needs such as standing desks, phone booths, parking spaces or weekend access.

As our CEO and Co-Founder, Sam Rosen, noted, “Deskpass will equip our federal employees to work beyond the confines of their offices. This contract is a testament to our business model, the relationships we’ve nurtured with space providers, and of course our team.”

This news comes on the heels of a pretty big year of growth. COVID-19 accelerated the conversation around distributed workforces and Deskpass’ offering resonates well with CFOs, HR leaders, and RE executives. Since January, our corporate bookings have increased by 1200%, with a majority of companies making use of meeting rooms and private offices. We also added 8 markets (totaling 27 in the United States) and expanded to Australia. Soon, Deskpass will be available across Canada and in select cities in the U.K.

Here are some benefits GSA employees can look forward to:

Increased happiness and productivity

As we covered here, hybrid work cuts down on stressors relating to time and finances, making it win-win for everyone. Long commutes are less of an issue now, especially when teams have a choice of coworking spaces to work from that are more convenient. The time (and money) they save can be reinvested into themselves, their family life and their personal passions.

Deskpass includes filters and ‘moods’ that help teams and individuals easily curate the best spaces for their particular work styles. Workers can select a workspace specifically based on the layout, the location, the overall atmosphere or a number of other amenities.

credit: ThinkBar

Optimized time and a better work/life balance

Studies show that people working from home end up working more hours in the day without being more productive. When you’re working from your kitchen table or even a dedicated desk in your home it can be tough to really ‘turn off’ and disconnect for the evening. As of earlier this year, almost one in five people left their previous roles because of a poor work-life balance.

Switching to a hybrid work model often translates to more output in fewer hours. When there’s a clear separation between work and home, employees tend to be more motivated in daily tasks and take more pride in their work.

Better collaboration among team members

Tapping into a network like Deskpass allows for face-to-face interactions that make collaboration easier. With the Delta variant, many companies are opting to reserve meeting rooms and private offices to ensure the utmost safety for their workers. Other areas, such as outdoor patios or communal kitchens, create a more inclusive social environment.

credit: Art/Work Coworking

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