Flex Work Shouldn’t Constrain; It Should Empower

The world of flexible workspaces is changing fast. WeWork, once the dominant player in the shared office sector, currently faces financial struggles. It’s led to the closure of more than 45 major coworking locations in the U.S. this year. But this shift in the market isn’t a sign of the end of coworking. In fact, it opens the door for even more flex work freedom. Even as some big companies scale back, there are tons of fresh, exciting flex work options for today’s professionals.

WeWork’s collapse and the state of flex work

WeWork—once a coworking juggernaut valued at $47 billion—has recently filed for Chapter 11 in New Jersey. It marks a significant downturn for the company, with its total value plummeting to less than $50 million. The fall of WeWork has been dramatic, partly because of the compelling narrative of its rise and fall, vividly portrayed in the 2022 miniseries WeCrashed featuring Anne Hathaway and Jared Leto.

WeWork’s decline can be attributed to its business model. Unlike other coworking providers who partner with landlords for a flat fee or profit share, WeWork took on long-term leases, shouldering more risk. At its height, WeWork had nearly $19 billion in debt, supporting 777 locations across 39 countries. The pandemic aggravated this situation, as members canceled memberships, cutting off WeWork’s primary revenue source.

Industry experts emphasize that WeWork’s collapse wasn’t solely due to the pandemic. John Arenas, CEO of another coworking venture, Serendipity Labs, points out that the mismatch of long-term leases and economic cycles was a fundamental flaw in WeWork’s model. That is to say, WeWork’s model may have failed, but it wasn’t the only model for flex work.

On the brighter side, the coworking industry’s future remains promising. Sara Sutton, CEO of FlexJobs, highlights the growing relevance of coworking spaces in the era of remote and hybrid work models. “Remote work isn’t all or nothing,” she says. “Hybrid work is the future of the workplace, and it hinges on having the right space available to be productive.”

As work continues to evolve in the digital age, all signs point to a robust future for the coworking industry—even despite WeWork’s challenges.

Filling the growing gap left by WeWork

Once the poster child for coworking, WeWork has left a significant gap in the market, creating a unique opportunity for other providers to step in—especially amidst the growing demand for flexible work environments. While WeWork may have been the most recognizable brand in this sector, many companies have been quietly and efficiently operating in this space for years, lacking only the high-profile headlines and controversies of WeWork. Deskpass is one of them.

Deskpass offers something more in-tune with the current professional landscape: access to over thousands of desks, conference rooms, and private offices worldwide. This extensive network caters to a broad spectrum of work requirements, highlighting the diversity and adaptability that modern workers seek. Our model allows professionals to find spaces that resonate with their specific needs—whether that’s a quiet room for focused solo work or a bustling open area for collaborative projects.

Deskpass isn’t just filling the vacancy left by WeWork; we’re redefining the concept of coworking spaces. With a focus on flexibility and a vast array of options, Deskpass exemplifies how the coworking industry is evolving to meet the varied demands of today’s workforce. From freelancers to corporate teams, our platform offers environments conducive to productivity, creativity, and networking, to showcase the dynamic potential of the modern workspace.

Explore unique, flexible coworking spaces

Deskpass gives you instant access to coworking spaces that blend comfort, creativity, and community. It’s not just about providing a desk; it’s about creating environments that foster productivity and innovation.

Here’s just a sample of some of the incredibly unique flex workspaces available to book on Deskpass:

  • Second Home Hollywood. Feel your all, in a space that’s all yours! Plants, fresh air, and the California sun, our LA home features biophilic architecture across two-acres of indoor and outdoor workspace—it’s a seamless marriage of nature and human ingenuity. You’ll feel inspired and rejuvenated day in and day out. Originally designed in the 1960s by renowned architect Paul Williams, the main building features private offices alongside shared workspace, meeting rooms, our on-site cafe La Despensa, and a roof terrace overlooking the garden.
Second Home Hollywood
Second Home Hollywood
  • The Malin Williamsburg. Occupying the ninth floor at The William Vale, 109 N. 12th Street, this neighborhood workspace features mixed seating, dedicated desks, private offices, meeting rooms, phone booths, a library, barista kitchen, and expansive, floor-to-ceiling views of Manhattan and Brooklyn. You need to see it for yourself to believe it!
The Malin Williamsburg
The Malin Williamsburg
  • Missionworks. This community-centric coworking space in Hammersmith invigorates, inspires, and facilitates ambitious people to achieve their purpose at work. Located within the iconic Grade II listed ‘Mission Hall’, the building has been a hub for the local community for over 120 years. Amenities include phone booths, showers, meeting rooms, bicycle storage, tea and coffee, kitchen, pantry, community events, and yoga classes.
  • The Cathedral ATX. The Cathedral is a co-working space in a 1930s, refurbished church that offers an inspiring and productive environment for all of Austin's diverse community. With intentional design, colorful art on every wall, and luscious greenery around the space, The Cathedral was created with you in mind. Enjoy working out of our beautiful sanctuary that boasts 14ft ceilings, natural light throughout, a range of seating options, and original 1930s architecture.
The Cathedral ATX
The Cathedral ATX
  • One Three. A little work oasis in the heart of Chicago's River North, overlooking the Chicago Brown Line. A coworking space managed by the acclaimed Chicago-based One Design Company, our lovingly crafted workspace includes shared desks, conference rooms, and individual offices—all available for rent by the hour, day, week, or month-to-month. Constructed with a focus on hospitality for our clientele and a hub for community gatherings, One Three offers a fantastic venue for team gatherings, presentations, and an optimal workspace to get your best work done.
One Three
One Three

Each of these spaces, bookable through Deskpass, represents the diversity and adaptability of today’s coworking culture, catering to a wide range of professional and personal needs.

Flex work is (still) the future

WeWork was a pioneer in the world of flex work; but being a first mover doesn’t always guarantee success. To succeed, you need to adapt—a premise that’s neatly encapsulated in the concept of coworking. The flex work model is changing; Deskpass is helping people adapt alongside it.

Whether you seek a creative hub, a serene workspace, or a vibrant community setting, Deskpass offers the convenience of exploring and booking these spaces—all with just a few clicks. Embrace the flexibility and variety that Deskpass provides and discover a coworking space that aligns perfectly with your work style. Download the app and reserve your desk today.

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