Deskpass for Teams Activity: Survey Results & Insights

Every week, we have company teams joining Deskpass that typically range in size from 10 employees to 1,000. Many of them are trying to figure out how hybrid work will work for their team and are needing access to workspaces across multiple cities or countries. Most commonly, these companies are wanting to book day passes, meeting rooms for frequent team meetings, or private offices for special projects, team retreats or workshops.

We recently sent out a survey to company managers and company employees to learn more about their daily habits, what they look for in a coworking space, how far they are willing to travel, if they also work from their company's headquarters, what type of work they prefer to do at a coworking space, and more.

Work habits for employees

We received the following feedback from teams using Deskpass:

  • 67% of employees want to work from a coworking space 1-2 times per week
  • 25.8% of employees want to work from a coworking space 2-3 times per week

Employees could select multiple options for where they work on days that they aren’t reserving spaces with Deskpass. The responses were: Home (96.7%), Coffee Shop (30%) and Company’s HQ (10%).

When asked about how many hours they typically work from a coworking space each day, we received the following feedback:

  • 64.5% of employees said 4-6 hours
  • 29% of employees said 8 hours
  • 6.5% of employees said less than 4 hours

Space Preferences

The overwhelming response for what employees like most about the spaces they visit was location and proximity to their house. Many responses included that they enjoy walking or biking to the space and exploring the surrounding neighborhoods to visit lunch spots nearby.

The other popular response was quiet or private space to take calls. Phone booths are becoming increasingly important as more and more people choose to do a day pass in the common area but need to relocate to a quieter area of the space for phone calls or virtual meetings.

Other popular answers included the following: Professional environment that enables productivity, inspiring atmosphere, variety of seating options (standing desks, couches, tables, group space), proximity to public transportation, being around other people working and the opportunity to interact with colleagues, reliable internet.

Amenities that influence their decision to reserve a specific space are as follows (ranked from most important to least important):

  1. Phone Booths
  2. Designated quiet areas
  3. Free coffee or tea
  4. Meeting room technology
  5. Printing
  6. Other: standing desks, quality/overall vibe, available computer monitors

All of the company employees said that they repeatedly visit 1 to 3 spaces, meaning they are looking for familiarity once they find a handful of spaces that they enjoy or that are in close proximity to their house.

As far as the type of work they are accomplishing at Deskpass partner spaces, most employees responded with operations/administrative or creative/strategic work.

Hybrid Work

When it comes to what employees enjoy the most about hybrid work, flexibility wins.

Almost everyone in our survey said flexibility for travel, decentralization, and access to a more diverse talent pool due to the high level of flexibility are all important factors in why their team works remotely.

On the flip side, getting out of the house and going into a coworking space 1-3 times per week adds back in a bit of routine or structure that is missing from a full work from home setup. Workspaces spark creativity and employees enjoy being able to work in a way that is most productive and fits best with their schedule on any given day.

Deskpass provides a seamless solution for these companies that are looking to provide space to their employees who need it, even with the challenge of a more spread out workforce. The ability to have flexibility and to pay as you go is something that is very important to larger companies as they evolve their schedules and style of working. Hybrid work seems to be changing everyday and we are ready to support our member companies every step of the way by connecting them to our professionally-managed partner workspaces across the world.

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