10 Reasons to Try Deskpass (according to our members)

On the fence about trying coworking? We’ve rounded up a few top reasons to join Deskpass, straight from our members. We’re so thrilled of our vibrant community of freelancers, entrepreneurs, remote workers and digital nomads.

Here’s what they had to say.

for a curated environment

Life is funny. When I worked at a corporate job, I longed for a life where I didn’t have to wear suits, and where my office was whatever cute coffee shop I visited that day. Now that I am full time freelancer, I’m back to loving suits and *wanting* the option to work in an office, but on my own terms this time. @deskpass has been a game changer for the latter.

I’ve been a member for over a month now and having access to bright airy office space all over the city is perfect for my constantly changing schedule. Whether my meetings for the day are in SoHo, the Garment District, or Brooklyn, I can find a Deskpass space nearby where I can sit down a comfortable chair with reliable WiFi and make a dent in my ever-growing To-Do List. I can also choose my #officeoftheday based on the amenities I need (like a printer!) or want (like gorgeous private roof decks).

for the flexibility

Our company work culture embraces the “𝘥𝘪𝘨𝘪𝘵𝘢𝘭 𝘯𝘰𝘮𝘢𝘥” lifestyle. To truly nurture a creative company you have to let your employees and partners be inspired by the world around them.⁣ Our partners and employees can enjoy working from wherever in the city with weekly meetings at a co-working space. Thanks to @deskpass we can meet anywhere in the city! ⁣

As the co-founder and head of creative marketing for @schoolyardmedia, I LOVE working by the beach one day, and in Hollywood the next. As a mother, I’m lucky to be able to work from home but also need an environment away from the kids sometimes. ⁣ I’m truly in love with @deskpass and HIGHLY recommend my fellow digital nomads, mom-preneurs, and She-EO’s to sign up for a membership!

for the professional development

The secret to getting ahead is getting started. I’ve have been all around town trying out Seattle’s coworking spaces (this one is the Seattle @novelcoworking location). About a year and a half ago when we started our company, I decided to work a day job while Esteban would do the business full-time from home. And while most days I’m jealous of his flexible hours and casual work attire, I know it can actually be pretty mind-numbing to stay at home all day, at the same time trying to be productive and creative.

So we’ve been on a journey! What coworking space best fits two 23-year-olds trying to find their place in the professional world by themselves (oh, and we wanna bring the dog, too)? It’s been such an adult adventure to be able to try out all these new spaces, and it’s crazy how the feel and culture of a space completely changes how you work. I guess that’s why working on the bed never pays off for me.

for the views

Best seat in the house in Foster City (other than the 360-degree view in our Innovation Station Conference Room.

for the perks

Where the coffee flows freely, kitchen is stocked, phone booths and more.

for the community feel

Last week our NYC locations participated in @deskpass Coworking Week where insiders got to experience some of NY’s finest workspaces for free.

for the ambiance

Probably this is my MOST favorite co-working space I ever been to ❤️ Everything is just perfect designed. I love the view, I love colors, I love tables and chairs, I love the ambience, I love the playlist (and the music volume) Moreover, I love women’s restroom! It comes with the big windows that we can overlook DTLA. This is the kind of co-working office that I want to come back again.

for the networking opportunities

I’ve had so much trying out different locations and networking with other entrepreneurs. Today my office is by the ocean, but tomorrow it might be DTLA!

for the neighborhood feel

I didn’t think my first one would be a full on adult crafts studio in trendy East Austin with a welcoming + warm vibe that also hosts professionals from a wide variety of industries as an office space. Super cool spot that I’d like to come back to explore more of the crafts offerings.. 🤗 There is also a neat high end brewery next door and a bunch of other restaurants walking distance.. and a resident pup who’d love to give you cuddles while you work, if you’re into puppy cuddles!

for the decor

As a freelance designer, I’m always looking for some cool spot and place to hang out and create some good design. In the last month, I’ve partnered with @deskpass to show you that with them everything is possible! The studio is designed in a way that keeps your mind always ongoing, minimal but on point. The offices are always available around Manhattan and coffee plus printer always free of charge! This is a really great way to keep your job as a freelancer on the top level. Totally suggested, and the cool part is that the offices are available in all 8major city with more than 250 studio!

*some of these testimonials are in partnership with Deskpass.

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