Are Spaces Open After Hours?

More a night owl than an early bird? We get that. While the majority of our spaces are available to Deskpass members during normal business hours, there are a handful of spaces that do offer extended hours outside the typical 9-5 window.

We would love to provide our members with access during those hours, but we can't because each space is owned/operated independently and they are not staffed during those hours, hence why our members can't visit during those times.

You can always see a current list of spaces available to visit with a Deskpass membership (and their Deskpass coworking hours) at:

If you absolutely need access outside of business hours, many spaces provide their own members with extended access. We recommend finding a space that you like and inquiring directly about their own membership options. If you want to be in a certain location let me know and we'd be happy to introduce you to space managers directly.

We are always looking for spaces that are staffed late in the evening and when we find them we will definitely invite them to join Deskpass!

credit: Facebook/Common Desk

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