We’re a monthly coworking subscription in Chicago, NYC, LA, and Denver providing affordable, flexible access to over 100 wonderful, diverse workspaces to work, learn and meet.

How it works.

Find a space
Step 1

Fire up our iOS, Android or Web App. Find one of our many beautiful workspaces that works best for your work day. Filter by amenity like private work areas or pet friendly.

Check In
Step 2

Once you arrive, check in quickly through the app. We’ll let you know where to work and cover all the other basics of the space through our easy-to-use app tour.

Step 3

You’re ready to roll! Find a work spot, grab some coffee, jump on the wifi and get to it. If you have any questions, help is always just one click away.

Built for work.

Our spaces are built for productivity. You won't need to fight for a desk, and outlet or decent internet, it's all provided for you. When you walk in, you can get right to work.

Benefits beyond.

Deskpass gives you way more than just a desk. See how the space is just the beginning.

How it works.

  1. 1. Find

  2. 3. Work

Get it done.

Deskpass gives you way more than just a desk. See how the space is just the beginning.

Choose a plan!

One affordable membership. Access to all 100+ locations, their amenities, events and community.



4 visits per month

  • Perfect for casual use
  • Enjoy all the same benefits
  • Cancel anytime
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8 visits per month

  • Mix up the week
  • Visit each space up to 5x per month
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visit every weekday

  • Deskpass every day, M-F
  • Visit each space up to 5x a month
  • Cancel anytime
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No long-term commitments. Cancel anytime.
Money back guarantee. Easy refunds if Deskpass doesn’t work for you.
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