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Employee autonomy

The Deskpass app tracks bookings, check-ins, and costs.

Pay as you go

No commitments. Add and remove space as you need it.

Manage access

Easily track spending controls and limits, and run reports.

Why flexible workspace matters.

Reduce Overhead

Forego long-term leases forever. Pay only for the space you use, on an as-needed basis.

Swing Space

Expand the capacity of your existing real estate portfolio.


Attract, recruit, and retain talent by offering office solutions in every major market.

Seasonal and Project-Based Space

Set up teams for a week — or a month. Time’s on your side.

A robust feature set.

Utilization-Based Pricing

Designed to fit your evolving business needs in an ever-changing world. Pay for utilization, not occupancy, dramatically reducing your bottom line.

Choose Your Network of Spaces

Hand-pick ideal spaces for your team, company, or client meetings.

Usage Tracking and Reporting

Quickly and easily view and manage expenditures, accounting, and expense tracking data related to workspaces, teams, and individuals.

Safety and Security

On-demand access to spaces committed to health and safety standards, as well as reliable internet, video conferencing, printing, and network security.

Office Hoteling

Deskpass acts as concierge, tracking which teams and individuals are using which types of spaces, where they’re working from, and how often they’re booking.

Access Management

Access key data into usage patterns and amenities sought by individuals or teams. Flexible solutions translate to higher productivity, helping you to make more informed real estate decisions.

Truth in

Employees are more likely to report being satisfied, increase their productivity, and stick around longer if they like where they work. With the tools and resources available for remote working, you can empower your team to work from a well-appointed coworking space while building a company culture you can be proud of.


At least 70% of employees would quit their current position for more flexible work arrangements.


71% of people surveyed were more creative, 62% reported that their measure of work improved significantly and 90% said they felt more confident when coworking.


Nearly 90% of the Fortune “100 Best Companies” allow employees to telecommute or work remotely at least 20% of the time.


95% of employers say remote work has a high impact on employee retention, and 36% of employees would choose it over a pay raise.


One of the ways we would use Deskpass is as a reward for someone who had given the agency a lot from an hour standpoint or someone who needs to get some creativity. It's been a brilliant tool allowing us to offer managed workplace flexibility.

Photo of Alisa Wolfson

Deskpass feels like it was designed just for 5. Flexible work-from-home solutions combined with Deskpass access to dozens of office spaces near our clients has been a game changer for us.

Photo of Taylor Duncan

The pandemic accelerated our plans to close up our physical office and move to fully distributed work. Deskpass was an easy option to offer our employees during this transition who need a change of pace from their home office every now and then. The availability, flexibility, and safety of the spaces has been a great lifeline for our teams to use when needed.

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