To ensure the best use of our Community, please make sure to review all the sections below:

Community Guidelines
How to Navigate the Community
Community Dos and Don'ts

Community Guidelines

Deskpassers are known to be friendly, productivity-oriented people. We strive to be a positive addition in every space, and to help others have a great work day, too.

Our guidelines are designed to ensure that our Deskpass online community is an enjoyable, inspiring and safe space for all our members. This boils down to common courtesy, mutual respect and using your best judgment.

Our community is new and growing, so we may choose to update these guidelines from time to time, especially as we continue to introduce new community features that fall under these guidelines.

Community Dos and Don'ts

Keep it kind: Treat all members of the Deskpass community with courtesy and respect. Profanities and other aggressive language won’t be tolerated. If you have a problem with something another member wrote, please report this to us directly so we can help resolve. You can reach our customer support team quickly during business hours by phone, live chat on our website, or via email at:

Sharing is caring: Newcomers are always joining our Deskpass community and we love learning about you and what you do. Tell us who you are, how you found out about Deskpass, why you decided to join, your favorite space to work, that sort of thing.

Questions are cool: Uncertain about anything? Just ask our Community Director, @Megan McDonough. She’s here to answer all things Deskpass and community and members are always welcomed to chime in with tips from their own experience.


Don’t spoil it with spam: Aggressive advertising and overt self-promotion is not acceptable and will be removed. If your company or services are relevant to a conversation, then of course we encourage you to share helpful resources with others when asked.

Promo patrol: We don’t want to be the promotions patrol here, but if the event you’re posting about isn’t accessible to Deskpass members and/or isn’t available in any of the cities where we operate, please don’t. It will create confusion or FOMO and nobody wants that.

Trolls, take a hike: Trolls are pretty easy to spot; they’re the ones messaging or constantly designing ways to annoy people in the group. While tempting, do not feed the troll. Instead, ignore and report to our Community Director. She’ll take it from there.